English Topics: What can be done to solve the global homelessness problem?

Ice Breaking Topics

  • What are some of the most valuable lessons you've learned from participating in extracurricular activities or clubs?
  • How would you describe your personality?
  • Is there a sense of community in your neighbourhood?
  • Would you rather see a ghost or an alien?
  • What subject could you teach a college course on?
  • What are your thoughts on the practice of meditation?
  • Do you agree that ‘Too many cooks spoil the soup’? Can you think of any examples?
  • How do you think your country or culture will evolve or change in the next few decades?

Main Topics

  • What can be done to solve the global homelessness problem?
  • Is homelessness a big problem in your city or country?
  • What government programs are set up in your country to help people experiencing homelessness?
  • Do you ever give money or make a donation to someone who is begging on the street?
  • Why do rich countries such as the United States seem to have such a large homelessness problem?
  • How can local communities empower their residents?
  • Do government social programs, such as welfare, ultimately help or harm communities?
  • What problem facing your community would you wish to change?

Free Topics

  • What is your favorite seasonal tradition or holiday?
  • Would you rather visit the beach or the mountains?
  • If you had the power to read people's minds, would you use it? Why or why not?
  • What is the most recent song or album you've discovered and fallen in love with?
  • How important is it to be in touch with nature? Why?
  • What was the last movie you saw? How was it?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • If you could choose any decade to live in, which one would it be and why?